Workshop on social media

Some weeks ago I gave a workshop on social media for professional networking to students at postgraduate level in the field of education. It was a very interesting exercise to put together my thoughts on social media. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on how social media have helped me in my work and career.

For this workshop, I also investigated how different organisations and people working in social work and development work. It was very interesting to see how (especially larger) organisations use social media to get their message across to a wider public. But by selecting the content and the medium they use to bring this message across, they really create a very particular image of themselves and – by extension I believe – an insight into their working culture.

Here’s a simplified version of the presentation I used and I have added in some inputs from the discussions from the workshop.


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  1. Annalisa Di Pierro

    to follow your blog is very interesting , as it was to attend your workshop in berlin, I need to speak with you about something very important, I’m organizing a conference at my school and I would like to use what we did during your workshop, can you write me an email? so I can explain you better what I mean?

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