MOSALEA Experiment at Eindhoven

Yesterday I took part in the MOSALEA Experiment, a role-play simulation of a crisis situation in an intercultural setting. I attended the experiment in the context of the CEFcult project, in which we try to create an online assessment platform to support self-assessment, peer assessment and expert assessment (if this is possible) of intercultural communicative competence. We are thinking of role-plays as a possible task to include in the platform. As OUNL, our role in the project is to think (in general) about the role of technology in this kind of assessment and in particular, the design of the platform.

Originally, I was supposed to play a role in the experiment itself, but as it turned out in the end, I made the video recordings of the session and acted more as an observer. This was very interesting and gave me the opportunity to think from the technical support point-of-view.

I have been considering the role technology can play in these kind of activities. Of course, much depends on the kind of assesssment you want to make possible (self/peer/expert), but I think there are three general issues to look at:

– technology as a means to elicit behaviour: with this, I mean the technology that is used in the simulation itself. For me, this can include the rooms the simulation takes place in, the supportive technology used in these rooms (projector, whiteboard, etc.), telephones, videoconferencing equipment, etc.

– technology as a means to capture behaviour: with this, I mean any recording technology that enables you to take away some (key) aspects of the simulation for later. For me, this includes individual and collective note-taking, audio recording, video recording, and additional technology to mark significant moments during an event.

– technology as a means to reflect on behaviour: with this, I mean the technology that allows you to go through the captured behaviour of yourself or of others and reflect on it. The result of this reflection can be comments/markers in the original recording and/or something independent from this original (such as a purposely created report, blog post, video/audio recording, etc.). This result can again be shared with others and they could add their reflection to it.

Just some thoughts to consider….


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