Real Life Problems are complex

All real life problems are complex problems. There are several aspects to a problem, which need to be taken into account if you want to solve the problem. Often the solution is completely dependent on the specific context of the problem.More even, the solution might only be workable/useful/relevant in a particular context.

When looking for solutions to a problem, people go to other examples of similar problems to replicate the lessons learnt. In those cases, it is important that the possible context-dependency of a solution is clear to the learner. If a solution is context-dependent, it might not be useful to a learner who is in a completely different environment and context.

Often learners/knowledge workers spends loads of time on evaluating if a solution is relevant to their specific context. Automatisation could help speeding up the evaluation process. I think 🙂

But is this evaluation part of the learning process? How can automatisation help and not hinder learning?



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